Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Rediscovering My Face

In the past few weeks, I have been dabbling in the world of skincare and beauty with limited success. I still have endless questions, and my quest to answer them will be long and fraught with danger and occasional confusion.

I have been listening to all the Guru-type girls and trying to take it all in, but frankly, I am overwhelmed. I think I am going to need to pace myself on this little jaunt, or I am bound to give it up as a bad joke before I get anywhere mildly interesting.

Having said that, my face does look and feel a hell of a lot better than it did only a short time ago. The patches of dry skin have gone, and I have a healthy, but not oily, glow.

I have been, mostly, keeping to my skincare routine, although I am still not sure whether the products I am using are good, especially since, my right eye has a tendency to water. I am still investigating the cause; be it cream, cleanser, foundation or eye makeup of some description or other.

I had a little surprise this weekend, when my Aunt gave me a little present -
My very own tube (well, most of the tube, anyway) of A-Derma Epitheliale A.H to try.

I also recently bought, on the advice of Nicole from Pixiwoo, a bottle of MAC Face and Body Foundation in N1, Soft Alabaster, along with my first set of Real Techniques brushes.

I have used the foundation a few times and it gives a nice even finish, even though it can have a tendency to rub off. I popped into the Mac counter at Selfridges to ask about that and was told that basically, I needed to stop touching my face and wiping it off; sound advice, I guess.

My skin does feel less dry now so I am a bit concerned that the Mac may be too dewy for me, but, I suppose, if I mix it with the too-dry Clinique foundation, that may solve the problem.

the last little thing I bought myself was a pure impulse buy - a Wowcher deal I just couldn't resist: A set of 5 Essie nail polishes from Cosmetics by Candy in the colours: Bikini So Teeny; Cascade Cool; Fear or Desire; Mojito Madness; Off The Shoulder.

The package has yet to arrive, so I don't know if polishes or their colours are any good, but I paid £15 and, as I said, my brain didn't really participate in that event. I hope they are nice because I have a tendency towards buyers remorse (I already feel bad about the foundation), so I will just self flagellate (figuratively) if they suck.

I'll let you know how it turns out. For now, it's back to my never-ending quest to figure out girliness and my place in it.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pixiwoo at Superdrug

Today I went to the Superdrug at Marble Arch to see Sam Chapman and Nicole Haste from Pixiwoo.
It was amazing and fun and interesting.

I will blog about it in greater detail when I have a drop more time. For now, I am putting up any and all photos that may have come out reasonably well.

If you want copies (other than what you can get by just copying them), message me and I will be happy to oblige.

It was great meeting them and chatting to them!

It was fun chatting to some of the other ladies there too.

Monday, 8 April 2013

YouTube Update

I continue to love YouTube and all the knowledge, entertainment and wonder it brings to my living room.

I have a few new favourites I felt I needed to mention.

Most of these are beauty or lifestyle channels. All of them are worth watching. The pictures are links to their channels. I really hope they don't mind that I used them.

Meet Sam Chapman and Nicole Haste (Chapman) from the makeup channel, Pixiwoo, creators or Real Techniques makeup brushes. These girls are awesome and I am a total Fan-girl! You must visit their channel and read their magazine.

This is Zoe from Zoella - She's just lovely. This is her blog. You must read it.
This is Louise on Sprinkle of Glitter. She's sweet and funny and knows cool stuff. This is her blog. Oh, and her daughter is adorable!

This is Anna from Vivianna does Makeup. I watch everything she does. This is her blog.
This is Sineady Cady from The Makeup Chair. Her Blog is awesome; perfect for newbies. This is her blog.
This is Meg from Meganisobel. I enjoy her channel. This is her blog, Lips So Facto.
This is Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. I really like watching this channel; it is as interesting as it is insightful. This is her blog.
If you have some channels you can't live without, and think I should subscribe to, do comment below and let me know.

Beauty Routine Update and Mini Haul

I promised I would tell you what I bought when I went on my little Boots shopping expedition, but I have done a little more shopping since so I'll just combine everything together into one post. Here's the quick and dirty run down.

I mentioned the Collection 200 nail polish, which didn't really stay on; I have tried it again since then and it works rather well. I also really love the colour as it makes my nails look quite pretty and elegant.

I also bought a Boots base coat nail polish called Nail Growth Activator. It hasn't made a miraculous change but I don't think Iv'e being using it for long enough to tell. What I really love is the Midnight Sapphire 17 Lasting Fix nail polish I bought. It's a really pretty deep blue colour and looks very good.

On the skincare front, I added some Boots Botanics eye cream to my moisturising routine, and bought a few  other Boots Botanics products front he All Bright range, namely, a cleansing foam wash, a purifying face scrub, a cleansing toner and a soothing eye make up remover. I also bought a Botanics face brush, which, while it does shed, is really rather nice.

I also did a bit of Amazon shopping and bought a cute little makeup bag and the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File - the most incredible nail file I have ever used in my life.

So, now you know what I've bought and what's in my skincare routine, which I am very happy with right now, even though my skin is still quite thirsty.

Next, I think I'll talk about the makeup I already own.

See ya later...

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Rocking in London

Hard Rock may not be everyone's thing but as a musical genre, it is a valid form of self expression, and for some, a vital catharsis and visceral reflection of their inner being.

Tonight I am at the Hope and Anchor, listening to this very loud and somewhat distorted art form, looking at the swaying forms around me and wandering what they are thinking and feeling. The band currently playing is called Last Seen Wearing. They are rather good, I think, and despite the uncomfortable vibration in my ears, I find myself dancing.

This genre touches a very raw, base nerve where rage and despair reside, and listening to it seems to release those feelings, leaving you feeling calm as you sway. Contrary to popular belief, this music makes its listeners feel better, not worse; calm and happy, not egged on and ready for a fight.
I might even do this again.