Thursday, 16 January 2014

Age Restrictions Have a Purpose

A few weeks ago, I went to a movie. It was the first movie I had seen in a movie theatre in almost five years. That's right FIVE years.

I went to see 47 Ronin in 3D; my first 3D movie in about 10 years.

The film was very good. I would, in fact enjoy going to see it again. I would probably enjoy it more the second time round. Here is why:

I was still suffering heavily with morning sickens and was feeling a bit anxious that morning, so things did not start out well.

We made it in time and all was well. We decided to sit in the very front row; I do not know why. I will not repeat that - the 3D is not as effective from so close up.

The film was not overly gory, it did not have any nudity per se and there was no vulgar language. Its US rating is PG-13, but in the UK, it is 12A, which means as long as your over 18 parents are with you, you can watch the film, regardless of your age. Although this is a more lenient restriction than in the US, parents really should use better judgement.

Chances are that is the film has an age restriction, it may not be suitable for your child. If you feel that your child, although younger than 12, will be able to cope with and appreciate the film, without disrupting it for others, then by all means, bring your child. If they can't, don't bring them just because you can't find a frickin' baby sitter.

I was very much annoyed by what I had to endure throughout the film:

A group of adults went to see the film and brought three children with them. They sat in the row behind the kids, obviously so they could enjoy the film without having to worry about the kids acting up, which they did, constantly. they were simply too young to handle the emotional intensity and thematic elements explored in the film. They could also not appreciate any of the mythological and cultural nuances portrayed.

They kicked our chairs constantly, they giggled at all the tense moments and made jokes, and also made fun of the character accents and clothes etc.

The adults never said anything to the kids, and I think, did some inappropriate giggling of their own.

I was very much annoyed but, I didn't say anything to the adults when we left because, in reality,  what difference would it have made? None.

I did have to turn around a few times to get them to stop kicking. what is it with some kids and kicking chairs. I never, ever did that as a child. I was not just being a grumpy adult, it actually hurt my back, which is generally on the tender side anyway.

I may sound like a bit of a moaner, but my point stands. Some films, are just not for children. the age restrictions are there for a reason and, in general, are on the lenient side.

In my time living in the UK, I have made the sad discovery that the people I have seen absolutely lack any kind of ability to reason, think for themselves, solve their own problems or use any form of judgement what so ever.

I don't want to be unduly harsh on our hosts, but seriously. Use some Sechel (brain) for a change!
Oh, and consider people around you! I know Londoners are usually a very selfish bunch, but get a baby sitter next time and don't dump your kids in a different row (behind me) so they can ruin the film for me.

That turned out a bit ranty, didn't it?

47 Ronin was excellent, intense and beautiful.

that is all.

Monday, 13 January 2014

A Few Little Things from Boots - Mini Review

Last weekend, I popped into Boots with Mr C (Now you see why he hates shopping with me). I was quite good and only bought two things.

One was a Tangle Teezer. A pink one.

This one.
I have used it. on dry hair, in the shower and on damp hair. It works really well and gets knots out without undue pain and suffering. I have a great deal of long thick curly hair that is currently misbehaving in the most dire way due to the pregnancy thing. I had hoped it would miraculously go dead-straight, like it was pre-puberty, but alas it's just dried out and stayed as fluffy and everywhere as always.

I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone with unruly hair. I must confess, I did not want the pink one. I wanted the purple one with sparkly bits in. Boots was out of stock. I did not feel like waiting, so I took the colour they had.

The second thing I bought was a gift box of eyeliners from Soap & Glory.


I have never bought S&G cosmetics before. In fact, I think this is the first S&G product I have ever bought. As it says on the tin, literally (it's a metal tin), there are three eye shadow colours and 5 eyeliner colours. 

I have swatched everything, but I haven't played around with it too much yet. I wore the brown eyeliner on Thursday when I went out to meet Mr C, along with one of the eye shadow colours. 

The eyeliner is quite smooth, but I did struggle with the application a little bit. My lids were a bit oily, I think, and so the product took more effort to apply than if they had been dry. Having said that, It did come out rather well and I was quite pleased with it. 

The shadow was just perfect; a lovely colour that went on without hassle, without too much or too little product and without fall out. I am not the best at application, and am still learning, so for me to be able to tell the difference between that shadow and all the other stuff I have says something.

All in all, Soap and Glory has made its mark and I will definitely be exploring more of this delightful range in the future.  

You Don't Have To Be Beautiful

Essentially, this started out as a beauty blog, but life and lack of focus got in the way and many blogging opportunities were lost along the way.

Things are going to change this year and I have some plans coming together in my head for the year ahead.
Since I started this endeavour, I have avoided taking pictures of myself for two reasons:
  1. I take really bad photos.
  2. I really do not like my face. 
Sounds really ridiculous, I know, but what can you do. I see myself as ugly, even if my husband doesn't and I feel uncomfortable taking photos of me, and Youtube videos? Out of the question! I imagine it would be quite fun, but the horror of it just puts me off. I mean honestly, all the beauty bloggers and Youtubers I have seen are pretty (and younger than me). 

Even more ridiculous is that I have avoided taking baby bump pics too, which is kind of a shame really (regardless of how fat I am).

So I will try and put more of my face on my blog and get back to beauty posts, rather than some of the more random rants and madness of late.

I am random and mad, and now pregnant so I have an excuse, but order shall emerge from the chaos, I hope.

Good night.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Fish n' Chips and Brand New Boots

This week, at the insistence of Mr C, I ventured out into the cold. I have not been sleeping overly well, so I have been even more recluse than usual.

I was going to go out for the day on Thursday and visit the Science Museum, but then I saw on Twitter that Louise from SprinkleofGlitter may be going, so I decided to skip it. (I do not want to seem like a stalker and also want to avoid being among a large group of stalkers).

Mr C called me and suggested I go into London and meet him after work. I thought it was a great idea and so I put on some makeup (rather successfully, I might add) took the tram, train and tube required. He works near New Scotland Yard, so I got to see the sign. I thought it would be bigger - it's quite piddly. I wanted to take a picture but there were TV crews and tourists so I skipped it.

Mr C took me to the cutest little traditional English Chippy called The Laughing Halibut, and we had Fish n' Chips with mushy peas for an early dinner. I was so delish!!

I had the Halibut. It was very good. 
After dinner, we decided to walk around a bit, something we enjoy doing in London - just walking and exploring a little. And then I saw cosmetics and skincare (House of Fraser I think) so I just had to go in. We looked around and my patient and sweet husband did not complain at all.

I did not buy anything.

A few paces later, we passed a Clarks. There was a sale. I had to go in. I needed new boots. Anyone who knows me will know that I'm not just saying that. I do not wear heels and do not own very many shoes. (I was never really into shoes much, but I'm girlier now, so that may change). We did not find anything that fitter or suited me in the sale, so Mr C said "you don't have to buy something just because it is on sale and just because it is on sale does not make it a bargain."

He steered me away form the sale shoes towards the regular priced boots on the shelves and picked up a pair of gorgeous boots (the nicest ones on the shelf) and said "What about these. They are the same price as the ones on sale."

I tried them on and he bought them for me.

And he wonders why I like to take him shopping. He has way better taste than me and has an eye for nice stuff. ( he does complain about being dragged everywhere and being a coat rack, but he's married and that is part of the deal. Isn't it?)

All in all, it was a worthwhile evening. We got to spend some relaxing time out together. I loved it.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!

It's 2014!
The year Mr C turns 40; the year of change; the year of motherhood!

I am very excited about all of this and, of course, mildly terrified. The responsibility of motherhood weighs heavily on me, and I do realise that the consequences of making mistakes can either be completely insignificant and substantially grave. Basically, I do not want to mess up my kid.

The hormones have put me in an amazing emotional space of simple happiness, something I am generally not accustomed to since my chemistry generally leans to blue. It could also be that I have wanted a child for so long and thought it was so thoroughly out of reach that I am in pure bliss over it and occasionally cannot believe my luck. this is unlikely to ever change. I have been with Mr C for 11 year (married for 6) and sometimes I still can't believe it's really real and I am so blessed and lucky.

As far as symptoms go, I still have ongoing nausea and tiredness, but to be perfectly honest, other than the physical discomfort at the moment of actual vomiting, I really, really do not care at all about the symptoms; not even a little bit. I am incubating a human. I am having a baby. I am creating a brand new person. Who cares if I feel a bit icky in the process. The pay-off is spectacular.

A few days ago, we went to a consultant (an obstetrician) appointment. I asked her if she could let us hear the Bean's heartbeat. She politely complied and it was amazing and adorable. This tiny little heart beating hard and strong at a million miles a minute.

We also discussed my symptoms and she offered me anti-nausea meds - I refused. I am not a martyr, but I really don't think it is necessary to mask symptoms, and not that I am judging, but to me, it feels a bit selfish to take meds, unless you are really very sick (I am talking nausea here, not flu).

We have a cardiac scan appointment booked in February (my sister had a thing when she was pregnant, so they like to be extra careful when there is a family history of any kind).

So far everything is normal and perfect and awesome. I am starting to show, even through the fat tummy and we love having a 3-person cuddle at bed time. In fact, Mr C generally falls asleep with hand on baby. It's too sweet. The cat is occasionally drafted into the family cuddle, much to her chagrin.

So what does the new year hold for me?

I do not make resolutions; it's not really my thing, but I have decided to make some changes.

I will take a leaf out of +Fleur DeForce's book - she says she makes lists on Sundays and plans out her week. There is no doubt that she is busier than me, but I am lazier than her and could do with some forward planning. So, be more organised. Also, something Mr C and I have already started is be more healthy and eat better (I must cook more) - It's not easy and the wagon is quite rickety but we are trying and we will keep trying. Lastly, exercise - I really need to do this one - the slipped disc I had and the subsequent back operation have left me at pretty much the most unfit I have ever been.

That's pretty much it, really.

My next midwife appointment is at the end of January and in February, we have the 20 week scan, the foetal cardiac scan and consultant follow up appointment scheduled.

It's all getting quite busy now and also quite hard to not buy baby things. Some baby things are irresistible, but so far, so well behaved - we only window shop/ research.

I wish you all a very healthy and happy 2014. I'm really looking forward to this one. I just need to figure out what to do for Mr C's 40th - I want to make it special.