Friday, 27 February 2015

Nothing Update

Today, I just felt like blogging.

There isn't anything earth shattering that I need or want to share, but I had an urge to update you.

The weather is getting better sunnier and warmer. (Not by much, but every degree counts.) I am still using my electric fan heater from time to time though, so inevitably my skin is very dry and my hair is equally dry and static.

I tried out my new GHD and it worked really well, but to get things done around the house, straight, static hair that gets everywhere is not practical; in fact it was downright irritating, so up it went. I do look forward to playing around with hair stuff and my GHD some more. It was refreshingly easy and quick.

I have also tried on the Clarins lipsticks that I bought. It did not occur to me when I swatched them to smell them. Oh my goodness. Just to give you a heads up - They smell divine. The nicest smelling lipstick I have ever owned. Well done Clarins.

The pets are really enjoying the above freezing temperatures and are being super-cute (and super naughty). Can someone please tell me how to get muddy puppy foot prints out of a cream couch. I washed it in the machine and nothing. We will most likely replace the covers soon, but it looks awful. I washed them this week and I put the base back yesterday. This morning I took the dog out for her pee and in she ran and made footprints on the tiny little spot that was not covered by blankets. I was not a happy mummy.


I am planning more YouTube videos. I have a few ideas, but if there is something you want to see, please feel free to ask me.

There's not much more to tell really.
So see ya.

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