About Me


This is me.



When it comes to beauty, I am a bit of a late bloomer. I was never really interested in skincare makeup, or anything girlie growing up and only started taking an interest in my mid-thirties.

Now I like it. I am not perfect at sticking to a beauty regime, but I feel better when I do.

Life is messy, painful and beautiful. This blog is about mine.

Join me as I share my beauty discoveries, my adventures as a first-time mother to Liora, the most wonderful rainbow baby I could be blessed with, and my sorrow at the perfect little Angel baby I lost; Angelica, who lived for one day and changed my life forever.

These are my girls.

Angelica 16.04.2014-17.04.2014
Liora 26.08.2015

Oh, and this is my cat, Wednesday.

All views expressed in the blog are mine (at the time of writing) and mine alone (although subject to change).

For business enquiries, contact me at icheerin@becomingiris.com

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