Beauty Routine Update and Mini Haul

Monday, April 08, 2013

I promised I would tell you what I bought when I went on my little Boots shopping expedition, but I have done a little more shopping since so I'll just combine everything together into one post. Here's the quick and dirty run down.

I mentioned the Collection 2000 nail polish, which didn't really stay on; I have tried it again since then and it works rather well. I also really love the colour as it makes my nails look quite pretty and elegant.

I also bought a Boots base coat nail polish called Nail Growth Activator. It hasn't made a miraculous change but I don't think Iv'e being using it for long enough to tell. What I really love is the Midnight Sapphire 17 Lasting Fix nail polish I bought. It's a really pretty deep blue colour and looks very good.

On the skincare front, I added some Boots Botanics eye cream to my moisturising routine, and bought a few  other Boots Botanics products front he All Bright range, namely, a cleansing foam wash, a purifying face scrub, a cleansing toner and a soothing eye make up remover. I also bought a Botanics face brush, which, while it does shed, is really rather nice.

I also did a bit of Amazon shopping and bought a cute little makeup bag and the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File - the most incredible nail file I have ever used in my life.

So, now you know what I've bought and what's in my skincare routine, which I am very happy with right now, even though my skin is still quite thirsty.

Next, I think I'll talk about the makeup I already own.

See ya later...

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