Rediscovering My Face

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In the past few weeks, I have been dabbling in the world of skincare and beauty with limited success. I still have endless questions, and my quest to answer them will be long and fraught with danger and occasional confusion.

I have been listening to all the Guru-type girls and trying to take it all in, but frankly, I am overwhelmed. I think I am going to need to pace myself on this little jaunt, or I am bound to give it up as a bad joke before I get anywhere mildly interesting.

Having said that, my face does look and feel a hell of a lot better than it did only a short time ago. The patches of dry skin have gone, and I have a healthy, but not oily, glow.

I have been, mostly, keeping to my skincare routine, although I am still not sure whether the products I am using are good, especially since, my right eye has a tendency to water. I am still investigating the cause; be it cream, cleanser, foundation or eye makeup of some description or other.

I had a little surprise this weekend, when my Aunt gave me a little present -
My very own tube (well, most of the tube, anyway) of A-Derma Epitheliale A.H to try.

I also recently bought, on the advice of Nicole from Pixiwoo, a bottle of MAC Face and Body Foundation in N1, Soft Alabaster, along with my first set of Real Techniques brushes.

I have used the foundation a few times and it gives a nice even finish, even though it can have a tendency to rub off. I popped into the Mac counter at Selfridges to ask about that and was told that basically, I needed to stop touching my face and wiping it off; sound advice, I guess.

My skin does feel less dry now so I am a bit concerned that the Mac may be too dewy for me, but, I suppose, if I mix it with the too-dry Clinique foundation, that may solve the problem.

the last little thing I bought myself was a pure impulse buy - a Wowcher deal I just couldn't resist: A set of 5 Essie nail polishes from Cosmetics by Candy in the colours: Bikini So Teeny; Cascade Cool; Fear or Desire; Mojito Madness; Off The Shoulder.

The package has yet to arrive, so I don't know if polishes or their colours are any good, but I paid £15 and, as I said, my brain didn't really participate in that event. I hope they are nice because I have a tendency towards buyers remorse (I already feel bad about the foundation), so I will just self flagellate (figuratively) if they suck.

I'll let you know how it turns out. For now, it's back to my never-ending quest to figure out girliness and my place in it.

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