Rocking in London

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hard Rock may not be everyone's thing but as a musical genre, it is a valid form of self expression, and for some, a vital catharsis and visceral reflection of their inner being.

Tonight I am at the Hope and Anchor, listening to this very loud and somewhat distorted art form, looking at the swaying forms around me and wandering what they are thinking and feeling. The band currently playing is called Last Seen Wearing. They are rather good, I think, and despite the uncomfortable vibration in my ears, I find myself dancing.

This genre touches a very raw, base nerve where rage and despair reside, and listening to it seems to release those feelings, leaving you feeling calm as you sway. Contrary to popular belief, this music makes its listeners feel better, not worse; calm and happy, not egged on and ready for a fight.
I might even do this again.

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