In Defence of Life and Laziness

Thursday, May 02, 2013

I know I haven't posted for a while. It just seems to be so easy to put it off for another day, especially if you're tired and struggling to adjust to a new job. I have also been dealing with some back pain, which is rather scary for me.

In July last year, I had back surgery for a herniated disc and am now the proud owner of some bionic parts in the form of four titanium screws in my spine, so you can imagine how disturbing the sudden appearance of sciatic pain can be.

On the skincare front, things are going along smoothly, and the only adjustment I am still struggling to incorporate is to drink more water. When I do succeed, I see the effect rather quickly; the same is true for the opposite. If I fail to drink enough my face looks instantly dry, dehydrated and wrinkly.

When it comes to makeup, I still have not identified the cause of my eye watering, not that I've been wearing much makeup of late. I am still trying to bed down my method of applying foundation. I think that the last time I tried, I put too much on and it looked horrid, so I had to take it off. It's all part of the learning curve, I guess. I have been tempted to buy a foundation with more coverage just to see how it looks, but I think that may be a waste of money.

What I have been enjoying, despite much frustration, is painting my nails. I fail as much as I succeed, but I do enjoy seeing my nails painted in the pretty colours of polish I now own. It has, however, created a bit of a weakness for nail polish, which I am trying to control. I only own 10 nail polishes, and there are a few more I would like to get, but I have plenty to keep me going for the moment.

This new shopping weakness has the potential to turn into a rather extensive addiction so I have created a self-imposed embargo on cosmetic shopping; not forever, just for a little while. It would be unwise to go headlong into buying things that may not work for me.

It is always easy to aspire to high ideals of restraint and moderation, and quite a different matter to abide by them. My diet can certainly attest to that! It is a sad state of affairs, but my weight has just gone up and up and I am struggling to make good choices. Too often I allow my mood to control my eating, rather than my stomach.

I do have a desire to lose weight, believe me, but I can't figure out what it is that is stopping me from exercising self-control, eating the right things, and moving more. It seems so easy and straight forward in my head, but when it comes to the actual doing, it's like there is a block. I don't understand it.

Anyway, that's my update for now. I did warn you about the laziness, so I don't think I'm going to apologise more than once for the delay, besides, I think the excuses were at least mildly passable, so there is that.

Just one last little thing...

I recently discovered a lovely little app for my Samsung phone. It's called Audiobooks. This app, which works through, lets you listen to recordings of books in the public domain. All books are out of copyright and free, and recording are made by volunteers from all over the world.

It's awesome and I love it.

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