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Thursday, May 23, 2013

It feels like forever ago that I promised to do a blog post of the makeup I own, but I have been procrastinating, busy and distracted.

I have finally decided that today is the day that I will take photos of the stuff (bad photos - I really need to figure out how to take better pictures) and post.

So here goes...

Until my recent transformation, makeup, skincare, fashion and girliness in general would make my eyes glaze over. That being said, I do own makeup, even though I'm not really sure I know how to use it properly.

The beginning of this blog was inspired by my absolute terror at having discovered wrinkles around my eyes along with the horrible condition of the skin on my face; a condition that has been, for the most part, rectified to my satisfaction. My skin is now neither overly dry nor oily. I do try to stick to my skincare regime, although I am by no means perfectly committed to the process. I always take off my makeup before bed. I don't always cleanse enough (when lazy, I will run some cream cleanser and toner over my skin and moisturise), but I do try to keep it up more often than not.

In terms of growing my little collection, I have set myself a maximum budget of £20 per month, which I have been quite good at not exceeding. (when my working life allows, this budget will increase marginally so that I can "invest" in a few higher end products, maybe.)

I feel that in order to get the help I need from the wide world of bloggers and readers, it is a good idea to tell you what I've got (including what I've bought this year), and I hope that kind comments and suggestions will follow.

Anyway, enough fluff... here's my stuff:


Two foundations (Clinique and Mac),
a BB cream (Garnier) and a concealer (Collection)

Powders and Blushes

A Clinique powder compact and two blushes
(Clinique and Revlon). One of the blushes smashed :(

Eye Shadows

Revlon, No7 and Clinique shadows

Kryolan shadow pallet - Two empties broke 

Glittery loose powder by Kryolan

Eyeliners and Mascaras

Kryolan, Clinique, Rimmel, Jade and Revlon liners

No7 and Clinique mascaras, Revlon liquid liner

Lipsticks and Glosses

Not much colour variety. No7, Revlon, Clinique

Some Kryolan and Clinique glosses


My nail polish collection. It's a work in progress

Some clear bases and a cuticle oil

This nail file rocks, unless you file at a particular angle,
at which point your head wants to explode because
it feels  horrible (nails on chalk board type of horrible)


Some Kryolan and no-name brushes

Real Techniques. Another work in progress

Makeup bag

It's too cute; also too small

So now it's all out in the open. I don't have much, but I have emigrated three times in two years, and as I wasn't really into makeup until this year, I didn't really spend much time or effort in accumulating any real semblance of a collection. 

There are a few new items, but most of the above has been mine for a good few years. If you want any specific colour names, let me know.

Be kind to yourself and love your skin.


For my June beauty shop, I invested in these two items, which I have tried and love! 
The Maybelline Colour Tattoo is 100% worth its hype!

Maybelline Gel Liner in black
Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On & on Bronze

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