Fleur De Force: "Meet Me at The House of Rock n' Kohl!"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Selfridges seems like to be the place to be for anything good that's in any way beauty related!

This time, it's going to be a meet up with the lovely Fleur from Fleur de Force.

She will be attending Charlotte Tilbury's House of Rock n' Kohl, so this time she isn't really the main attraction but that doesn't matter to me - I'm a fan and she's the one I'm going to see.

In her blog: Fleur De Force: Meet Me at The House of Rock n' Kohl! she said "I will be there between 4-6pm this Tuesday 18th June, and would love to meet some of you if you fancy popping along. (A bit more fun that the traditional 'meet up' scenario I thought!) The pop-up shop will be in the front left corner of the shop (next to the fancy watches and jewellery!) so if you're around on Tuesday, do come and say hello!"

I am pleased!

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