Seeing Stars and a Revamp

Friday, June 21, 2013

This week I went to Selfridges again, and even though I never buy anything, It's getting to be an expensive habit. I did limit myself to that one day, even though some of my favourite YouTube and beauty bloggers chose to go on staggered days and I could have gone and seen them every day if I didn't limit myself.

Charlotte Tilbury's House of Rock n' Kohl was packed full of eager young ladies waiting to meet Fleur and many others who had either booked makeup sessions with the artists or were getting free eye makeup done. I just stood back and watched it all, feeling a little awkward and uncomfortable.

I did manage to get a few semi-respectable photos Caroline Hirons, Fleur De Force and Lilly Pebbles.

I even got a bit of a makeup do from one of the makeup artists at the House of Rock n' Kohl. It was a bit dark for me though.

In other news, I redid the look of my blog. I am not sure I will keep this look (it does feel a bit too pastel). I know I haven't had the blog for very long and don't post nearly often enough either, but I looked at it and it was starting to look a little garish.

So now it's done and we'll see how it goes.

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