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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

At the end of May, Mr C and I went to the June McM London Comic Con, our very first one.

It was quite an experience; one that I plan to replicate soon. In fact, I have plans to attend the London Film And Comic Con in London next month, and as I discovered today, the next McM Comic Con in October.

They sure do have a lot of comic conventions here!

The day did not start out well, to be honest, and I was rather grumpy when we set off. I had planned to leave the house bright early to get the most out of the day, but as it sometimes happens, Murphy had other plans. While waiting for Mr C to get ready, I decided it would be a good idea to wear makeup, but alas! What a disaster! Liquid eyeliner FAIL! I tried and tried and failed and got frustrated and annoyed. So, after spending ages trying and missing two trains, I took all my makeup off and we left.

Mr C, who has makeup conversation imposed upon him on a regular basis, only occasionally begging me to "make some female friends to talk to about this stuff," asked me very nicely to please buy myself some gel eyeliner next and give that a try instead.

We made our way across town, and eventually arrived at our destination with only one minor detour when we took the wrong DLR train. Luckily, we weren't alone in our mistake, and we managed to follow the group and walk to the Excel Centre at the Royal Victoria Dock. It was a warm, sunny day an we enjoyed the walk, which wasn't far. We arrived, queued for 45min, got in and had a great time!

We looked at all the stalls, checked out games, and even tried out playing a card game called Dobble (We are SO buying that).

I dragged Mr C to a panel by some of the Once Upon a Time cast members, and of course, I took a ton of pictures of all the people in costume.

There were thousands of people and it was well worth the visit. I don't think Mr C wants to go to the one in October (been there done that), but I have time to convince him!


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