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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What else can I say?

After three years of living in cold, dreary London, or as I have been known to call it, Narnia (Cursed by the evil witch to suffer in an eternal Winter), I am in melting in a prolonged heat wave, and with the excessive humidity, I am not coping overly well.

I am enjoying the heat and the sunshine (not all the time, but I refuse to allow myself to complain about the weather - it just feels wrong), but it has posed some challenges for me on the beauty front. Well, more on the makeup front, really, because I can't bring myself to wear any. It's just too damn hot!

On the skincare front, I have all but given up on Boots Botanics. I liked it, but I think my skin started to react to it. The products would burn a little and my face would be red alot. I still have the cleanser and moisturisers, and still use them in-between everything else, but I now use a L'oreal cleanser, toner and micellar water as well. They are very calm and soothing to the skin. I have been using a sample of Clarins Hydraquench and it too is very gentle.

Due to the heat, I occasionally wipe my face with some toner just to take some of the sweat of in the middle of the day (tempted to put some in the fridge, to be honest) and I have been using as little cream as possible so I don't feel grimy, but have made an effort to use SPF when I go out, mostly.

I don't really know if what I am doing is right. What I do know is that since I started my routine, my face has looked and felt much better, especially since I adopted the face cloth (flannel) method. My skin is soft and smooth and the wrinkles less evident.

What used to happen to me in my teens is that I would start some kind of routine, and then stop after a short while. My skin would then instantly go very dry, so I figured it could not be good and stopped until now. Today, if I miss a day (naughty me) my skin is still fine.

Back on point. I am now loving cold showers for the first time, my hair feels like a blanket on my head  and my skin feels like a grimy oil slick every time I venture outside, so for the moment, makeup has become a no-no unless absolutely necessary.

I think I need new mascara.

P.S - Update: The nail polish I tested was not bad. The heat has made it very gloopy (I think it's the heat). There was some initial chipping but after that it lasted well. It goes everywhere when you try to remove it. I have since had a few biting episodes, so my nails are awful.

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