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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After my morning walk, I popped into Croydon to get a few things.

I was starting to get a little concerned about the chemicals I was putting onto my skin. I'm not planning on going all Vegan and paranoid etc, but I did want to make sure that this winter I was using mild and gentle ingredients that wont be toxic in the long term. It's all fine and well to go organic and all natural, but that is never a guarantee of safety.

I stopped off at boots and decided to just get the Simple range and start there. No hours spent hunting or fretting. Just in and out. I was told that it's a basic range with no extra stuff in it. The sales lady assured me that the products were safe and would meet my needs.

Upon getting home, I double checked and the moisturiser had the specific ingredient that I wanted to avoid, and so now I'm not sure about the cleanser and toner either. I will be returning them unopened and will do further research before making any purchases.

Ok, so that was a minor setback, but near the Argos in East Croydon there is this dodgy looking beauty shop that sells a ton of stuff I have never seen, and it smells a bit funny too. Having said that, I went in for a specific purpose. They sell 100% Shea Butter (which I have purchased before) and, what I went in for, Cocoa Butter. When it comes to natural moisture, you can't really go wrong. Plus it smells like chocolate.

I bought a 270g jar of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. I have some stretch marks and some scarring, and this is supposed to soothe that, apart from helping with the forthcoming dry winter skin.

I hope that it won't be too greasy and pimple forming ... we will see how my skin reacts.

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