Mini Rant - You May See Many of These

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I am 14 weeks pregnant. That means I am in the second trimester. This, in turn, implies that first trimester symptoms like nausea and vomiting should go away or at least decrease.

They haven't. Not by a long shot.

Today I threw up 47,000 times. It hurts and I don't enjoy it. It makes my face go red and my eyes water. It even makes my nose bleed. Now isn't that lovely and glamours.

When I am not vomiting last year's hot dog, I feel queezy and horrible, I get heartburn and reflux. I also get random aches and have the worst post nasal drip ever (which contributes significantly to the nausea).  Oh, and don't forget the trigger happy tear ducts. I cry at the drop of a hat, sometimes while laughing. These are just a few of the lovely little symptoms that brighten up my days. It's crazy town here, friends.

I love this baby and would not change anything. But there are days where I just need hugs because this is hard.

Tomorrow, Mr C is going to try something new. I am very bad at eating well. He is stepping in and will hopefully save the day.

Rant over.

Not quite - today we went shopping for maternity trousers. I saw self in mirror. It's not that I am very much fatter than before - it's that my abdominal muscles are weak and the pregnancy hormones have made the muscles smooth and stretchy and the combination is very unhappy making. My own fault. Still fixable I reckon. So all is not lost.

Now Rant Over.

Good night.

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