You Don't Have To Be Beautiful

Monday, January 13, 2014

Essentially, this started out as a beauty blog, but life and lack of focus got in the way and many blogging opportunities were lost along the way.

Things are going to change this year and I have some plans coming together in my head for the year ahead.
Since I started this endeavour, I have avoided taking pictures of myself for two reasons:

  1. I take really bad photos.
  2. I really do not like my face. 
Sounds really ridiculous, I know, but what can you do. I see myself as ugly, even if my husband doesn't and I feel uncomfortable taking photos of me, and Youtube videos? Out of the question! I imagine it would be quite fun, but the horror of it just puts me off. I mean honestly, all the beauty bloggers and Youtubers I have seen are pretty (and younger than me). 

Even more ridiculous is that I have avoided taking baby bump pics too, which is kind of a shame really (regardless of how fat I am).

So I will try and put more of my face on my blog and get back to beauty posts, rather than some of the more random rants and madness of late.

I am random and mad, and now pregnant so I have an excuse, but order shall emerge from the chaos, I hope.

Good night.

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