The 20 Week Scan

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Yesterday, at 16:30, we had our 20 week scan.
Do not have a scan as the last patient on a Friday afternoon at the Croydon University Hospital.
It was quite a let down and disappointing experience, to be honest, and I have rather mixed feelings about the whole thing.

So far, most antenatal things have been rather nice, but this time, we felt rushed (It didn't help that we actually rushed to get there and just made it with no time to spare - they wouldn't even let me go use the loo before we started), and because the baby wasn't lying in the most workable position, they just gave up.

The sonographer just skipped over the baby, did measurements and called them out to her helper. She didn't really linger for any length of time on anything so we couldn't get a good look. We only got a glimpse of baby's feet and didn't even manage to see hands when she said "There are the hands. They are okay."

We had been looking forward to this pregnancy milestone for AGES and it was supposed to have been quite special for us, and especially for Mr C who saw this as his birthday present event (we were planning to know baby gender).

Baby's legs were crossed in front of the area that would have determined gender, so we didn't get to know for sure.

The only upside is that they rescheduled the scan, so we will get another chance in 2 weeks.
Also, due to familial pregnancy issues, we have another scan next Friday at St George's Hospital. Hopefully, that will go better. The scan is on the 14th so Mr C won't be able to come, so I will try to reschedule for the previous day as he already has that day off. We will see how we get on.

Either way, Mr C will chat to the bosses and see if he can get time off for the redo scan.

Today, we were planning to do the first bit of baby shopping, but the weather was so dismal that we opted to stay home instead and work on a shopping spreadsheet. I watched Louise's Baby Glitter room tour just to see if there was anything to add that I'd missed. It's was rather helpful. I love watching Sprinkle of Glitter videos. I think it's become my favourite favourite!!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be more cooperative and I can get at least one little symbolic thing for baby. We are half-way through pregnancy, after all.

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