Little Update

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tomorrow I will be be  25 weeks pregnant.

In the last few weeks the little bean has really blossomed (read blown up -like a beach ball in my belly).
She moves and kicks and pokes and bares down on my bladder. I have tried to have a calm, rational discussion with her about sharing space and compromising, but nothing doing. She wants to stretch out and she will.

I can also actually see her moving now, which is pretty cool, but she doesn't do it on demand, so Mr C has not had the good fortune to witness the little miracle as of yet.

My heartburn is as bad as ever and, more likely that not, my fault. Coffee is really not my friend any more.
I occasionally get cabbage patch doll feet, but then I just lie down with my feet up and the swelling goes down.

I go to yoga on Tuesdays with InJoy Yoga at Beanie's Cafe, where, surprise surprise, I talk too much! *sorry ladies* I am working on the problem. It probably irritates me more than you, since it's an impulse I struggle to control. I am benefiting from the exercise but my back (right side) has been sore lately and is so unfun! I think the pain is more related to the increased baby size and lack of muscle tone/strength rather than from the increased activity.

I have taken up a few other little activities offered through the Depression Alliance. I made a coaster in the mosaic class this week. it was fun and creative, so why not!

The Vertbaudet stuff arrived and while the clothes and towel were pretty, the store is decidedly over-priced and we won't be buying from them again. The change bag is super tiny - cute, but tiny, so the search continues for an appropriate baby change bag. (I am secretly tempted to just use a backpack, as I currently do.)

We've bought a few more baby things. I am somewhat tempted to do a video to show all the stuff we've got so far. Let me know what you think. Might be fun.

Ooh, and we opened the pram and carry cot boxes. The Babyzen stuff is just as it appears... Totally Amazing. The manuals were sealed in their own bags so we used the YouTube videos for opening and closing instructions (worked a treat) and they are really easy to use. The pram and carry cot are sturdy (I was afraid they wouldn't be) light-weight and the prams is smoother than any of the other prams I have tried. I did three-point turns in our teeny tiny lounge and I was amazed.

FYI - Kiddicare is having an added extra sale type of thing where the pram (white) which was £400 when we bought it, is now 15% less (so £340). Don't worry, we didn't let the £60 slip away from us. I know it may sound a bit cheeky, but the pram was still sealed in the box, so we took it back to the shop and they gave us a voucher for the difference. (We had called their call centre who said there was nothing they could do. According to the people in store, they could not understand why they could not help us.)

On the beauty front, my nails are looking long and fabulous (thank you baby!), so I am letting them grow as long as possible (I will have to cut them when baby comes so I am enjoying it while I can). I am going through my nail polish now and testing them out to see what to get rid of. The Rimmel 60 second polish lasted me a whole week with a top coat and I was super happy with it and want to get more shades, but I want to get rid of all the others that don't cut it as well.

I have also bought a few bits from Boots - some sharpie style eyeliners that I have yet to try, some eye shadow from Soap & Glory and the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 001, which I LOVE! Mr C is not sold on the colour but I am in love with it. It feels and looks lovely. It should be considering what I went through to get it. I went to Boots and bought it. I got on the tram and looked at it. It had been used - how gross! so I turned around and went back. They had none in stock and tried to sell me other stuff. Don't you hate it when salesmen do that. So I rummaged through the drawer at the bottom and found one unused tester - just one. Problem solved (it took almost an hour to do this and it is way too hot in that shop.)

Last little thing. I have become obsessed with the Bits and Clips YouTube channel. she is good friends with one of my favourites, SprinkleofGlitter. I watch Marie endlessly.

Nothing else to share, I think.

See ya later.

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