My Skin Setup is a Mess so Back to the Drawing Board Again

Friday, July 25, 2014

Recently, I decided to buy more skin stuff. This was not a good idea. There is nothing wrong with the skin stuff I bought, although some of it leaves me feeling a little on the sticky side. The problem is I now have too much stuff. I tried to do the whole working wardrobe thing, as per Caroline Hirons' instructions, but I am, I fear, not that type of girl. I like things simple, and this has just overwhelmed me. Granted, I am currently in a state of mind where overwhelmed is my wheelhouse and happens at the drop of a hat, but still.

It's ridiculous really. All I bought was some Bioderma serum (I love that stuff) and moisturiser (I decided to use the rich one instead of the light- I prefer the light), some Body Shop moisturiser, serum and face spray (they were on 3for2), and those Clearasil toner pad things - those make my face feel greasy.

So, in theory, I still have a rather minimal stash. I mean, I literally have now got two of stuff instead of one. It's not such a big deal! So why all the drama in my head that seems to find drama in everything right now?

I think I simply got a bit over excited and tried too much too quickly and didn't get the result I hoped for (Plus it's been so boiling hot and humid; I'm not surprised my face felt yucky).

I still want to get some Pixi Glow Tonic, but that will have to wait. I've been going a bit mental with the shopping and the spending lately and it is not good.

The point is, I'm off the waggon again. Next step is to take a deep breath and just start simple again. Basic routine in the morning; something a bit more nourishing at night. My skin feels a bit worn out, and while it is tempting to throw the stash at it, that will not help. I need to just take it easy and be patient.

I also bought a Sanctuary face mask. I tried it once already. It's not miraculous, but it is nice. So I may do that for a little pick-me-up this weekend.

This taking care of yourself lark is quite hard.

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