Summer in the City Creator Day

Friday, July 25, 2014

Take two.

The previous post was supposed to be about the Summer in the City Creator Day event.
It turned out not to be.
So I'll try again.

I am going to this event and I am anxious about it.
I am not sure what to expect, but I am also quite excited. I may learn something and possibly get some courage to actually make a video.

I might go out and buy a new dress. Probably not an actual dress. I don't wear dresses. But buying something nice to wear sounds like a good plan.

I saw that someone made business cards to give out. It sounds like an excellent idea.
having said that; this blog is a bit shambley at the moment and needs focus.
I'll give it some thought and run it past Mr C.
It is a nicer way of sharing contact details.

Blah. I think I'll keep it simple and just buy some clothes. Maybe some shoes.

I like this plan. It is a good plan.

I hope to see you there then.

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