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Sunday, August 10, 2014

I may not be the neatest person, but I thought I would share my current makeup and skin care collection and storage.

I like charity shops. In fact, our current home was furnished almost exclusively from charity shops. We not only saved a bundle this way, but found some very nice, quirky pieces too.

Recently, I was browsing in one of my local charity shops and found the cutest little mini chest of drawers that I thought would be perfect for storing all my girly paraphernalia.

The top drawers have been used for nail polish, lipstick and mascara.

It seems that I have quite a bit of room to grow here, especially where lip products are concerned.

The Next drawer is full of face products from eyeliners and shadows to blushes, bronzers and foundations.

For the sake of neatness, I use the bottom half of some Glossy Boxes to get the job done. The postage boxes they came in have been repurposed to store spare toiletries and such in the linen closet.

Drawer number three kind of shows where my proclivities lie, in that I can't actually fit everything in there. It's skincare. 

The size of the containers certainly doesn't help.

The last drawer keeps all my tools. Can you guess my favourite brand of brushes?

There's plenty of space here for expansion.

I also use the top of the chest for perfume, skincare extras and hair stuff. I have a lot of hair and not that much hair stuff. 

You see that bright pink spray bottle on the right there? It's VO5 heat spray for protecting hair from drying. I just bought it recently and I must say, I am very impressed. It smells really nice, does not leave any residue or gunkiness on my hair and my hair has been handling the drying much better - no breaking or burning or anything. I am well chuffed. Just thought I'd mention it. 

Now you know how I keep my my stuff. Wasn't that such fun?

How do you store yours?

Comment below or tweet me @becomingiris and let me know!

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