Another Emma Hardie Review

Monday, December 29, 2014

I think every blogger with a passing interest in skincare has done this review and now it's my turn.

On the Saturday before Christmas, I took the boldly foolish decision to take my visiting mother to see some London shopping (I am currently not so excited by museums and galleries), I thought, where better to go than the world-famous Harrods.

Let's just say, I have seen sardine tins and Johannesburg Taxis with more elbow room.

But this story is not about the misadventure that is Harrods at Christmas time; it's about a lovely little apothecary, across the cobbled streets, warm and welcoming in the frozen morning; it's about Space NK and the incredible cleanser I bought there.

I saw it when we first arrived outside Harrods, and I simply had to go inside. It was wonderful and filled with temptation. The staff were kind and friendly without being pushy, as I slowly walked around gazing at all the magical potions before me. I wanted everything!

No! I had to exercise some self-control. After all I had just bought a new laptop and DSLR camera.
I could not leave this place empty-handed and when I saw the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm, I could not resist. I had always assumed that it was very expensive, but £36 for 100ml does not seem all that bad to me, especially considering how long these products last.

I was in heaven and still have not had the heart to throw away any of the packaging. Is that weird?

The caveat is this - I have never used this product before, I am not and expert and this is my opinion so far.

My skin is normal to dry with patches, sensitive and always dehydrated. There is some redness and wrinkles (apparently also broken capillaries and enlarged pores).

I have heard good things about this product and so I felt compelled to try it.
I know that some people have had poor experience with the jar, but mine is still in one piece (for now) so I won't talk about that.

The aroma is fresh, calming and zesty (almost lemony maybe) without being too sharp or spicy. I can't quite describe it and I am not going to try.

It looks like whipped honey has the texture of soft butter, and as it warms, like an aromatic oil on your skin. It emulsifies in water and is so soft and lovely that you just want to keep working it into your skin. It cleanses really well and does not dry you out.

My face felt nourished and clean, without any residue at all left behind. I really felt pampered using this product.

The Lush cleansing balm tries very hard but fails utterly to compete with this gem. It may have a similar look, but it just does not cut it for me at all.

This particular jar came with a nifty little muslin cloth - muslin on one side, and normal flannel on the other. Most people love it. I do not. - I like each side individually (and will probably be getting some muslin cloths in the future as they do this lovely buffing thing that feels rather nice), but together, they just do not work for me. The reason is that they slide around and don't wipe your face properly. Maybe I just don't have the knack of holding them correctly.

I tried it on my mother too and she really enjoyed it. Her skin is even more sensitive than mine, and she could feel the benefits right away. I would really recommend this to those of you with slightly older, thirstier skin. It can really make a big difference.

I use it PM only as I want it to last, and still love my REN Cleansing milk for a lighter cleanse in the morning (I still use REN as the first cleanse if I'm doing a double).

What's your cleanser of choice?
Please don't say soap.

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