Year in Review - 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I am a little apprehensive about this post, but I'll do it anyway.


This year was a devastating trial that may take years to heal from. I lost my first born, and I have never felt so much pain in my life.

I have tried, over the past months, to find some peace and healing. Mr C and I went to bereavement counselling (which helped a lot), I tried to go back to work (short story - I tried to work at a school - 2 weeks - I didn't like it. I went to work for a little local company doing office work - I was having a bad patch and was not coping well. So I left after 6 weeks).

We also bought a Pug puppy. Her name is Pugsleigh. She is very sweet and quite a smart little monkey, to the cat's dismay. They chase each other around a lot ad it drives me mad.

Mr C and I were in a car accident and our little Fiesta was written off and so we got a Mini Cooper. The accident added so much stress, I can't even begin to tell you.

I have also struggled with my health in these past few months. I have a shiny new kidney stone (5mm) in my right kidney and might have developed asthma. I also put on a lot of weight, so my GP sent me to Weight Watchers.

I have lost 9.5lb (4.4kg), a result I am happy with. Mr C will be joining me in January.
I may share some recipes, if you like.

We have also made some new friends and settled nicely into our new neighbourhood. We moved in April. I don't think I mentioned it.

There was much more activity this year,too. If I look back on the blog, I realise how much I learned and what I got up to - like going to Summer in the City, going to the YouTube offices to learn stuff and visiting some beauty shows.

2014 was full of pain and loss, and I hope the new year will bring new hope and a better 2015.

This was not much of a review, I know.  The blog took a nose dive and I hope to spend more time on it.

Anyway, Hope you have a good festive season and a Happy New Year!

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