Happy New Year

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Hello All the people!

It's the first day of 2015! Yay

I just wanted to pop in and say Happy New Year to everyone.

Everyone had a different 2014, but for me, it was one of my worst years,if not The worst year.

Mr C and I have suffered a lot and done a lot of crying and mourning and healing. We are now in a better emotional place (subject to bad days), but the year has taken its toll.

We have made some changes recently and are looking forward to a better year in 2015. Mr C will be joining me at Weight Watchers next week and I hope to embark on an exercise regime and get my health back in check.

Mr C will also be having some knee surgery done in late Jan so we hope that will help his pain.

In general, do not like resolutions. I think that you shouldn't need a New Year to commit to something just like you should not need Valentine's day to express your feelings to those you love.

Having said that, A New Year is as good a time as any to turn a corner, take a step forward or even re-affirm your commitment to something, so, with that in mind, I will do what Mr C says I do best - State the blatantly obvious. These are my little resolutions for this year. They are not mind-blowing. They are, for the most part, blatantly obvious.

In 2015,
  1. I will continue to remember and honour my beloved child; I will mourn her loss while I learn to live in the world and find some happiness and some peace.
  2. I will be kind to myself and show myself compassion.
  3. I will take better care of myself and my health.
  4. I will continue my weight-loss
  5. I will be more physically active
  6. I will be more sociable
  7. I will continue my work on this blog and improve it.
  8. I will nurture and share my interest in skincare.
  9. I will get better at my skincare routine
  10. I will learn to cook
Please note that the word try is not in this list. I could go all Yoda and say Do or Do Not. There is no Try but I won't. The truth is that saying you will try is like saying you won't. It is not a commitment to do something; it gives you an escape clause where you can deceive yourself into giving up.

I do not want to give up on myself. all these goals are for my own personal benefit. I will feel better and be better by doing them.

Some of these are harder than others and sometimes I will falter and lose my way. but that's okay, as long as I am honest with myself about it and get back to the path, facing the right direction.

I have learned that the only way to get anywhere is to take small steps. I run out of steam way to quickly for giant leaps.

These are not revolutionary changes in my life but I will be going up against 37 years of self-sabotage and bad habits so I am not expecting miracles. (I already think the cooking thing is a bit of a stretch - all they way to wishful thinking - but I will have to start some time)

That is my list. It was not intended to be 10 (I put the numbers in afterwards) but it works.

How do you tackle the New Year? Do you make plans and resolutions or do you just "Call the whole thing off?" Do you track them or give up after six weeks?

Let me know what your plans are and how confident you are that you will achieve them.

I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great 2015. May it touch you softly and be gentle with your heart.

Be kind to your skin and love yourself.

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