My New Hair Courtesy of Vanilla Hair Studio

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I got a haircut this weekend.

I did not plan it. Well that's a half-truth; I have been toying with the idea of cutting my hair for a while. It's lovely but I am not coping with it right now and just wanted to get rid of the hassle of it.

This weekend was it. I was not going to fight with my hair a moment longer. I called Vanilla Hair Studio in Borehamwood and made an appointment for that day. They had a cancellation. I got lucky.

That's my MO. If I can get an appointment, it's meant to be if not, I try again another time. I almost never make advance appointments. Weird. I know.

They were very nice and offered me a hot beverage. It was very cold outside.

Everyone was watching because I had explained over the phone that my hair was super long and that it was coming all off. I made quite a buzz I think. I confess, I did enjoy the attention a lot.

The stylist suggested that since I had Virgin hair (no artificial colour)  and it was al coming off anyway, why not donate it to a Cancer charity. So I said yes. I have no idea where my hair went or anything, but I don't care. It's not about the recognition or kudos, it's about the gesture. Someone, maybe two people will benefit from something that will grow back before I know it. I will definitely do it again. My hair grows reasonably fast and is a renewable resource, so why not.

I had considered this option a few years ago, and had done some research, but had not found an easy and convenient way to do it, so it did not even occur tome to ask. In, fact, I had totally forgotten about the idea at all, so I was very pleased when it was recommended.

If you are cutting a lot off, always ask about donation!

She plaited my hair and snip. Gone. It was shorter than I had planned. Instead of being distraught, I felt liberated. Free to let the stylist do whatever she wanted as long as it suited by face. Those were her instructions.

She did a fabulous job and I looked great. It really suits me. (although I have yet to see how it looks curly - I can straighten it - it's short enough to take very little time.)

My hair has not been this short in more than 15 years.

I really like it.

What do you think?

I went from this (hair down to my bum):

Cut off this:

To get this! 


Thanks to the guys at Vanilla Hair Studio!
You guys were super awesome!!

ps. Just to give you an idea, Last year, in July, I went to Vanilla and got my hair done and it was this long:

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