I Had a Secret and it is Out Now!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Long time no see!

This time, my excuse is totally legitimate.

Basically, I cannot keep a secret and I was totally preoccupied by a really big one; one that was growing day by day, and inevitably difficult to hide.

Although committed stalkers would have figured it out (I was not overly cautious on Twitter or YouTube), the casual social media connection would have been completely oblivious to the not-so-simple fact that I was pregnant. (I diligently avoided being in photos and made no mention of my condition on Facebook ).


My daughter, born on 26 August 2015, five days after I turned 38, is the most precious, perfect little thing.

newborn baby

The pregnancy was very stressful and frightening, with so many feelings that I could not keep things straight. That, coupled  with newborn sleep loss are the main reasons for my absence.

Welcome! My perfect, precious little lady!

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