Big Ideas and Failed Plans

Sunday, November 29, 2015

During my pregnancy, I had the bright idea to take pictures daily to document my growth.

With this, that and the next thing, (mostly being tired, feeling unwell and forgetting) there are many missed days - Many. but I do believe that, while I doubt I will be able to make one of those cool age progression videos, I have enough to document the pregnancy well.

I also have a nice amount of scans as we got pictures every two weeks or so.

I also wanted to do the daily picture of baby but so far, I have not remembered to do it. I mean, I have taken a bunch of photos, but just quick snaps on my phone, rather than doing it properly.

Once all the family has gone home, I will probably start on the project. I don't feel that losing two months is an overwhelming crisis.

I wrote this last year and the baby will be 10 months old this week. Talk about failed plans. It seems that for someone as disorganised as me, life just gets on top of you and you never get things done.

The daily pics never happened. The milestone pics never happened. The hand prints never happened. We managed some 6 - 7 month foot prints. I recommend doing these in the first week when babies sleep a lot and don't wriggle too much. I'm not exactly sure what to do now...

I will get there. I live in hope or is it denial.
Keeping up with house work is tough but that has less to do with baby and more to do with me.

Since I last blogged, we have moved out of the awful nightmare house into a nice and cozy house with no damp.

Unpacking and organising is a bit tough when your space is limited, but we are nearly there. We are making this space a home like we couldn't with the last one.

I am still adamant that I will make some youtube videos, but I have to figure out what and how to do it with little miss mover and shaker wanting to touch all of creation and put it in her mouth. Every time I set up the tripod she's like Cool something to stand against... Oh no wait, it's moving.

Her sleep routine is improving and we are getting away from her napping on me for hours so we may eventually be able to get somewhere during baby naps.

Don't get me wrong. She is the most incredible human and the absolute love of my life so all this other stuff is just white noise. As long as she is happy I don't really care about anything else. (Deep down, that is - on the surface, I suffer from daily , almost paralyzing anxiety, which irritates me no-end)

I just had a little moment at 2 am to do a quick update on my phone, so no pics and if there are typos, that is the reason.

I am going to attempt some sleep now.
Good night.

Also, kidney stone removal op yesterday. Pain levels today 6-8. Not fun. Paracetamol and codeine help, even the little doses I take that will let me continue breastfeeding.

That is all.

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