Walking with Wednesday

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I don't know if you know this, but I have a cat.

She is almost six years old and her name is Wednesday. She has long black and white fur and is quite a beautiful kitty if you ask me.

She is very sweet and while she is decidedly independent, she also loves her grown up people and gives us many cuddles. She sleeps on top of me at night and spends much of days trying to flee from the baby.

If you read this blog, you may know that a few years ago, we adopted a pug. After a great deal of back and forth, debate and guilt, we made the difficult decision to rehome her. She just wasn't getting enough attention and we were constantly getting irritated with her. The cat also hated the dog. We did not realise how much the dog had affected her until Puglseigh was gone.

We contacted a Pug rehoming charity and she went to a loving, pug crazy home to live with another pug. I miss her but she is better off.

My advice; research your breed and do not adopt anything in the throws of grief, Just saying.

While we had the dog, the cat made herself very scarce. We didn't realise why. We thought it was because of the new home we lived in or the baby. She was always outside and gone. We could go days without seeing her. It did not help that we lived on a block with neighbours that were notorious for feeding other people's cats.

Now that the cat has her space and her people back to herself, she is around us all the time. She occasionally lets the baby play with her, she is always around and ready for leftovers when the baby eats, and she is quite happy to go outside and lie in the garden or sit on the couch without fear of being harassed.

The one thing she does which is by far the cutest thing I have seen a cat do is come along for walks.
Every day, I take the baby out for a walk in her pram. It is not a fast walk, nor is it a long walk; just long enough for her to fall asleep. so on an easy day, it's literally to the end of my street and back again. On a bad day, it's an aimless ramble around the streets until she either goes down or I give up.

Recently, Wednesday has taken it upon herself to accompany us. she sometimes leads, sometimes follows. She sometimes walks on the pavement with us or along the low walls in front of the houses we pass. Occasionally she will duck into an alleyway or someone's front garden to see what's going on, but most of the time she is next to us, like a sleek little bodyguard. And when we get home she waits patiently by the door while I fish out the keys and open it.

Once we tried a new road; clearly not new to her and not her territory either because she just lay on the pavement and would go no further. I continued on, thinking she would join us, but when it became apparent that she would not, I turned around and as I reached her, she seemed to think "okay, mommy got the message" and got up as we walked back the way we had come.

Mr Cand I are currently in the study/playroom. Our desks are on opposite walls. The cat is fast asleep on the rug between us, looking very peaceful indeed.

I am glad she is happier and quite amused that she thinks the nap walk is fun to do. I suppose it is fun with her along.

I know this is a bit of a random post, but life is full of randomness and weirdness, so I thought I would document one of the ones in my life.

Good night

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