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Monday, June 05, 2017

I am the daughter of a hoarder. this means that I try very hard to fight hoarding. Occasionally, this has been to my detriment, but in general, I have not regretted throwing things away.

As an aside, it does make keeping things for an "empties video/post" extremely challenging.

Another consequence of my family history of hoarding is that I loathe clutter. I like a clear open space (and a home with tons of storage so everything can be put away and out of sight).

As such, I struggle with my makeup storage and have tried various methods to keep it neat. I started with a little chest of drawers, but then the baby got big enough that it was no longer practical. I have since given it to her for her toys. She loves to open the drawers and explore and play.

Then, when we moved house, I put everything in Glossybox boxes. That's all very well but you can't see anything or find anything, so not practical in the long run.

Since a dedicated storage unit or Muji storage containers were out of the question due to space and cost, I turned to Pinterest, then Amazon, and then finally Ebay, where I found some acrylic units that suited my needs.
My current setup
The storage units are perfect, especially since they cost me £8.99 each. The user I got it from is called gosourcing and their service was very good. It was my first ever Ebay purchase, and it pretty much converted me. I was always worried about being swindled with Ebay, but I was wrong and I gladly admit it. My items came quick and were quite good quality. I am super happy with them. I know that this will not be my experience every time, but it was a pleasant start.

So this is my current setup. It is still a bit cluttery in places, but I am satisfied. It is still a work in progress so we will see how we get on.

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