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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Skincare does not last forever, and when it does, you really don't want it to. 

I have not used my skincare much in the last ... I can't even tell you how long. Although some of it did run out, other bits just had to go because they started to smell like playdough, which kind of hinted at them having turned and being not altogether healthy/safe.

Interestingly enough, the toners I have seem to have lasted reasonably well, but oils, moisturisers and cleansers did not survive as successfully. 

On the cleanser side of things, I finished my Emma Hardie amazing face Moringa Cleansing Balm, even though it had become a bit runny by the end. Also, I got through my REN Evercalm cleansing milk, but that was down to the wire too. I have repurchased both as they are a lovely staple in my limited arsenal.

I also finished and have repurchased a bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic since it is a gentle yet effective acid toner which I can afford. I really love it so it was at the very top of my little shopping list.

My Embryolisse moisturiser did not last well at all. It was nearly full which is a pity, but the repurchase is a bit of a cheat since it was a gift from my mother. Thanks mom!  

Last on the list is a new buy which was purchased from Holland & Barrett. I was looking around online for a replacement for my omega 3 oil from Ren, which was thrown out after it had been neglected for way too long and had turned. I wanted to get back to basics with this purchase and not buy anything too fancy or high end. I read somewhere that Rosehip oil may do the trick so I decided to try a new brand (new to me) from Australia called Sukin. It does not smell lovely but it also does not feel like an oil slick has been applied to your face. I like the texture and the almost dry, soft effect you are left with afterwards. It is also vegan, carbon neutral and "certified organic" which could mean anything as there is no international standard. Regardless, I like it so far and at least they are trying to be environmentally friendly. 

I may or may not have had a reaction to this recently (My eyes were sore and swollen). I am not sure which product was the culprit so I just stopped putting things on my eyes to solve the problem.

Things that have not been repurchased include my Bodyshop Vitamin E cream and mask, which were the first to turn. (there was not stock) The oil and the serum I have are still good, amazingly so I am using those up before they go too. I did get Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, which was recommended as a suitable replacement by the sales lady. It isn't. I don't like it. I won't be buying that again.

I also became a little bit obsessed with Ebay, to the point that I bought a "new" camera for filming. I am loving that buy, I don't mind telling you. 

That's it from me for now.


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