Paris Skincare Haul

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I was recently in Paris visiting my family for a week with my almost-two-year-old daughter.

She had a great time and was thoroughly spoiled by her aunt, her grandmother and great-grandmother too.

Being my skincare obsessed self, I made a point of visiting the much loved Biologique Recherche. I was not disappointed. It was so exquisite. I was so excited it was a little bit ridiculous. 

Now, I know there is a branch in London; there is even a branch in Johannesburg, which pleased my mom no end, but I just had to make my first visit to the establishment at the original, French location, especially since I had the opportunity. 

Yes, I bought the P50 lotion (150ml). I got the W version, as recommended by the lovely consultant. That's a lie. It was bought for me by my aunt. Thank you Sylvia.

Even my mum bought a bottle, which she is enjoying using, I think.

It took me a few weeks to get around to cracking it open and giving it a go. I have used it once. The tingle is real. The vinegar smell in subtle (I liked it actually), but the results were quite startling. My wrinkles were virtually gone. 

My conversion was instant. I understand the love for this product; I really do. 

Thank you again to my Beauty-God-Mother and guru, Caroline Hirons. (the last time I was in Paris, I tweeted her asking which one product I should buy while in the neighbourhood and she said P50. I didn't get a chance to go then, so I was committed to going this time around.)

I also took the time to pop into the now blog-world famous Citypharma. I say pop in, but what I really mean attempt to navigate the obscenely mad crowds trying to squeeze into this apparently wholesale price pharmacy. With a pram. Never again. It was packed and I just wanted a little look-see. I was instantly accosted by an optimistic sales person trying to sound like an authority on my very red skin and hard-selling me the most expensive something or other I've never heard of. 

I don't have redness issues. I have fat chick from the UK in a Paris heatwave issues. I was melting. Sweat was pouring. It wasn't pretty. We lasted a few minutes and then very slowly tried to flee. It took like what seemed and eternity to get out of there. (Nobody seemed to realise that letting the woman with the pram out of the shop quickly would make more space for everyone. I just got dirty looks from selfish tourists who refused to move an inch.) Basically, it was horrible. I'd rather pay a little bit more (the prices I managed to see were not actually less) at my local pharma than got through that trauma again, seriously. 

My aunt and I went walking and exploring through one of Paris areas. I have no sense of direction so I will never be able to find it again unaided, but we happened upon a Caudalie shop. Another thing of beauty. Little but inviting. We bought serums. I bought the Vine[Activ] Glow Activating anti-wrinkle serum. I love it. The packaging makes me happy. The texture is like a lotion, I suppose. It absorbs quickly and does not feel oily or sticky. The gentle scent is subtle. It feels amazing on the skin and really works well.. Just sublime!

I was also gifted an indulgent little treat by my mother. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-purpose dry oil (100ml). It feels really nice on the skin, but is quite heavily scented when you put it on. To be honest, I have yet to use it as I don't usually have make the time to indulge in body skincare (Although I do have some lovely body creams and things ... I should really start using them before they start smelling like play-dough - There is a blog post in that idea somewhere).

I went into quite a few pharmas "just to look" and I was woefully unprepared, so a few opportunities were missed, but there is always next time. 

Thank you to my lovely family for hosting us and for taking us around Paris. And for all the lovely (non-beauty) gifts we were given, including some very sweet clothes from baby Gap, a monkey puppet that Liora is obsessed with and an awesome watch by Swatch for my 40th from my Aunt Sylvia (I also got a bonus watch by getting a 25 Euro surprise box, which is so cool). 

My gran also very generously bought Liora a new Pram!! it is the most amazing pram in the history of prams and I cannot begin to thank her enough. I will gush blog about it separately. 

What are your Paris skincare favourites? Let me know in the comments.

Chat soon.


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