Family Time with Team Awesome Gorgeous.

Monday, November 05, 2018

My youngest daughter is now six months old. Six months old - it's hard to believe.
She is sitting unassisted and very elegantly doing the splits before moving into a horizontal position. It's quite a sight to behold. I wish I had half the flexibility of my children.

She is also babbling. She spontaneously started doing it mid nappy change last week.

This weekend, she spent some time in the garage with Dad.

He is custom making a sound system for our car. For him, it's a therapeutic process that allows him to centre himself and cope with the stuff that life has thrown our way.

This isn't the first one he's built here. After Angelica passed away, we had to buy a car so we could go to the cemetery to bury her. not the nicest reason to buy a car, but it was a good little car and MrC decided that building a sound system in the car would help him with his grieving process.
It was pretty impressive, but the day it was ready, we decided to go get some takeaways before he wired it up and tested it. Some idiot  decided it would be a great idea to jump a give way sign and wrote of the car.

We were both traumatised by that. I just remember putting my hand to my belly to protect the baby that was no longer there and that reaction devastated me. I simply crumbled.

So he waited three years before trying again. this time, there is a lot more joy and many more interruptions from our team Awesome Gorgeous.


This month has also been a big one for Rainbow 1. She is now settled in her preshcool and in the reception preparedness class. She goes to primary school in September, five days after turning 4. She is lively and friendly and wears her grandfather's stethoscope everywhere and at all times, except in the bath, not that she didn't beg. Mommy said no.

She is also (sorry future Lolly) dry. It took a bit of patience and effort, but looking back it was mostly quick and painless. She amazes me all the time with her language skills and her ability to express herself.

Her love for her sister, Imogen's blatant adoration of her warm my heart so much; watching them together is a constant source of warm and fuzzies.

Despite my challenges with mental health, things are pretty good right now, and I have found my happy place, right next to my lovely girls.

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