A New Breakfast Spot

Sunday, March 17, 2019

My family and I love going out for a bit of breakfast on a weekend, so naturally, there is nothing more delightful than taking a chance on a new cafe and discovering a gem.

That is what happened this morning.

Although we moved house within the same borough, we did move across town, so we have had the opportunity to explore some new breakfast spots more local to us.

This morning, we decided to check Google maps for a suggestion and it led us to Wendover Cafe.

Let me just say, we were impressed. this place ticked so many boxes. Spacious and clean, warm and attentive staff, good food variety and quality.

Our timing was excellent since after we ordered, an out-the-door queue seemed to just form. The servers are pretty efficient though, so it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Our food came in good time and tasted quite nice. We had an English breakfast and although we enjoyed it, we will not be having it again for a while, not because of anything wrong with it, but because of all the delicious alternatives we are excited to try. Yum.

Like the continental breakfast for example, which, because the place is essentially Italian, is a platter of Italian antipasti - cold meats, cheeses and olives. Double yum.

Other fare, displayed enticingly in glass cabinets includes a variety of frittatas, pastries and omelettes. And that's apart from the pasta options. So many yums.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

This place is a winner!!!

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