Life Update

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

February was not an easy month.

We moved house.

Just across town so we could be as close as possible to the school we want Liora to go to.
With packing up all our stuff, the girls being quite ill over half-term (and beyond), and the 10 month old going through some teething (she did not want to be put down - Ever - which meant that I had to do everything one handed), things did not go super smoothly.

But we are in. We made it. And I have managed to just unpack the essentials - Kitchen, kids’ clothes, bathrooms, and now my computer.

Despite taking a slow road to unpacking, things are slowly taking shape. The new house is still in chaos but the neighbourhood is lovely. Liora is settling in to her new school, which is 187 metres from our house (a 2 minute walk to the gate - Love it!). We are in walking distance to a children's centre for Imogen to go to baby groups.

With one thing and another, the blog has taken a little bit of a back seat to life again but I did not want to stay away too long, hence he teeny tiny update.

PS. what's with all the Retinol focus on YouTube et al?
I have dipped a toe into that band wagon as well with a recent and as yet unopened Retinol product from Indeed Labs.

We’ll talk about that later.
Bye for now.

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