An Opinion On Skincare Reviews by Makeup Artists On YouTube

Monday, June 03, 2019

So today I watched a YouTube skincare review video by Jefree Star. 

Now, Jefree is a controversial and entertaining YouTube star and cosmetics entrepreneur. He is also very talented when it comes to makeup.

As an aside, I also belong to a few Facebook groups that share their passion for makeup and have watched more than a few YouTube makeup channels. 

All of these have one thing in common, two actually; the first is they know their makeup and are a good source of information and inspiration (also aspiration and temptation, but that's another post altogether) about makeup; the second is that, in general,  they know less than fuck all about skincare. 

No offence to these lovely people, but please stay in your lane. Every time I see skincare advice by makeup people on either Facebook or YouTube I just cringe and my fingers twitch, wanting to comment, despite the obvious futility of it (I generally end up keeping my opinions to myself).

I was glad to see that one of my mentors (in my mind), Caroline Hirons, reviewed the same newly launched skincare products, so I did get a real, rather more accurate view on the products (which I would ever buy, by the way, not that it's relevant).

Now, I am not saying that makeup channels should not review skincare at all. What I am saying is they may want to try to learn some of the fundamentals and know a few things or at the very least, make it clear to their viewers that skincare is not their thing (although, it should be pretty obvious). They don't need to be experts but seriously, Jefree, why are you using wipes as makeup removers? Your poor face! 

Having said that, Shane Dawson, who was in the video with Jefree, did make the disclaimer that he was reviewing as a consumer, therefore, inferring that he was not an authority on the subject, but was trying products and giving his feedback on how they felt, which is perfectly sound. 

I suppose, as long as people don't take their skincare advice from makeup artists, it's all good. As Sam and Nick from Pixiwoo are known to say, they are 'rubbish at skincare', although they aren't  actually that bad. In fact many beauty gurus on UK YouTube have learned and taken advice from Caroline and improved their skincare and the advice they give. 

As for me, I am certainly not an authority,  and I should not fret over the skins of strangers, but hearing people recommend scrubs to acneic skins makes me wince.

Also I have no room to talk because at the moment, I am a hypocrite and do not practice what I preach because my routine is non-existent and my skincare is sitting on the shelf above my head slowly turning in its tubes. For shame!

As a final word, I would like to say that I have learned to love Jefree Starr and his flamboyant style. It makes me smile.

That is all. 

Good night.

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