Pollution is not an Illusion

Friday, December 27, 2019

First, let me say that this post has no research in it or sources or stats etc. It is my opinion. It also, in my view, happens to make perfect sense, so bear with me here.

Some people say that Climate Change is real. Some people say it isn't. Some people who say Climate Change is real say it is caused by human activity, some say it isn't.

My verdict is as follows:

It does not matter. The argument about cause is just a game of semantics. Believers of Climate Change are trying to be logical and scientific in an effort to affect change. They are getting desperate. They cannot understand why others are unwilling to accept the facts and forecasts.

Deniers, at whatever level are using political arguments and whatever method of obfuscation they can think of to avoid having to change the status quo and endanger their lucrative personal interests. They are being obtuse at a level never before seen in human history.

When the room is messy, and the child goes, I did not make the mess so I'm not cleaning it up. You cannot prove that I am responsible for the mess or that the mess is real. Does the mother say, OK, let's leave it then, I'm sure it will sort itself out. You keep playing over there.
No. We clean up.

What I am saying is, it does not actually matter who made the mess and what you call the mess, or how you feel about the mess.


The oceans are riddled with plastic. Animals eat it or get tangled and trapped in it. They die from it.

The air is dirty and, in some places, unbreathable. You can literally see the air hovering over big cities. you are not supposed to be able to see the air. It is disgusting and stinky.

Water is contaminated in some places, as is the ground. Not everyone cares about the water. Some factories just drain whatever toxic chemical they have used to process their products into the nearest convenient body of water.

There are lovely and beautiful places. there are gross places. But they all have one thing in common. They are on the same planet, so, inevitably, they will have an impact on each other.

Also, and I cannot stress this strongly enough - Animals of all kinds have equal rights to the planet as humans. They are entitled to live. In fact, I believe that wild animals have more right to the world than a of us.

So deforestation is a devastating mistake. Fishing places to emptiness, equally so.

It is all fine and well for individuals to do all they can to mitigate their own impact, but it will not make any difference if the supermarkets keep selling you vegetables in non-recyclable plastic for no reason.

I do not understand the refusal of some companies and countries to reduce their impact, even as a just in case measure. The up-side is a cleaner world. It should be a no-brainer.

Yay, we banned straws. What an achievement. Fast food places are now using paper, non-recyclable ones. Good job Government.

There is no reason that people should not be more environmentally aware and considerate. There are no downsides to taking action against Climate Change, whether you believe in it or not.

Every company should be compelled to do an Annual Impact Audit and receive an Environmental Impact Score (EIS). There should be a financial incentive for reducing the EIS and a Tax penalty for going over the company's allowance or quota.

How fast do you think every high-rise building will put up solar panels and use electric cars as standard. How many companies will only do business with companies who meet the impact rating. Just look at Affirmative Action implementation in South Africa.

Try it and see how creative people can be. And how pervasive it will become.

Okay. I'm done. Think about it. That's all I'm saying. Maybe do something.

Happy New Year etc.

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