Crowded House in Covid-19

Sunday, March 29, 2020

This blog is mostly dormant, but since I have the time (ha! ha!), I though I would pop in and document a bit og covi action.

My mother emmigrated to the UK days before lock-down. My mother in law emmigrated to the UK in December last year.

A month ago, we got a beagle puppy. Imogen is 23 months old. she is not talking yet and has only just started walking, sort of.

Liora is now four, almost five and is in Reception at school. she is learning to read and write and work with numbers. She has a lot of energy. A lot.

So now, we have four adults, two litle kids and a dog in our house.

My mother started showing syymptoms of a cold a few days ago and so we called 111. They said that we were all now in quaranteen. House bound for the next 14 days.

We cannot go anywhere. Not for shopping or for meds or anything.

So far, we are all still alive. And miraculously sane.

We watch and read about all the Covid news world-wide and wonder what the world will look like after this disease has ravaged our world.

This is an unprecedented situation and I  wonder if it will change aytthing about the way people are towards one another and the planet we share. I highly doubt that this virus will change anything in the hard hearts of the shrewd business elite who value profits above all else.

I doubt anything could ever get throught o the likes of Trumps and his Oil Buddies. I wish we  could live in a world  where we could live and work and learn without having to worry about the cost of our education and healthcare (I live in Country where those things are free, butt pity the poor Americans who don't - the best country in the world, my eye!)

Money only matters because we give it meaning. If we all had enough, it would become redundant. But that is only fantasy, or StarTrek.

I wish everyone health and well being. enough food and toilet paper.

Stay home and don't cough on people.

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